Six Sigma Black Belt Scheduling Options

Our Black Belt course is rigorous.  It's 15 days long and assumes that you have already taken or know our Green Belt material, from us or from anybody.  We can teach this course four different ways:

1.  All live training in a classroom.  This is normally scheduled as three, five-day weeks about a month apart.  In house classes are almost always like this.  We have historically done most of our public classes like this as well.  If this is the schedule, only the first week will be on the enrollment calendar. Check below where we will show weeks 2 and 3.  Sometimes the schedule is more complex than that so showing it on a calendar is just confuses people.

2.  All live training via webinar.  This typical schedule is 10 Saturdays and 5 Fridays so we do a Fri/Sat followed by a Sat, etc.  This schedule limits days off from work to 5 if you are employed.  The elapsed time is about the same as option #1.  We typically only schedule the first two days on the calendar and agree on the remaining days once the class is formed.  Once we get close to confirming a SSBB class like this we'll show that schedule below also.

3.  Classroom start & webinar finish.  We have done this also with at least 2 days done live in a classroom to get us started and the remaining course sessions done like option 2.  This has the advantage that we get to meet each other before launching into the webinars.  As above, detailed schedules for confirmed courses will be shown below.

4. Personal Tutor (Self-Study with unlimited live coaching).  You are given material and exercises to read and work on your own.  Since the material is complex, we assume you will need help.  You get that by scheduling live 1-2 hour phone or webinar sessions with us at our mutual convenience.  No limit to the number of sessions you can have but we highly recommend that you make your own schedule and send it to us.  Since these schedules are per person, they will not be shared on this page.

Currently scheduled SSBB public classes

(If these schedules ever don't match with our calender, please notify us so we can fix it!)

All live training for this year's SSBB public class is via webinar sessions.

Start October 11.  Remaining dates currently scheduled for:

Oct 18,25,31

Nov 1,7,8, 14, 15, 21, 22, 28, 29