We provide a variety of data analysis consulting services to many industries.   We prefer to solve problems, give you what you need to maintain the solution, then get out of your way.   We are not usually available for interim temporary employee situations except for unusual situations.

We can program in SAS, R, Minitab, Excel, Python, SPSS, SQL and a variety of other packages.   We learn new software quickly and do not charge for learning time so don't be afraid to contact us if you don't see your language of interest here.

We have experience with the following topics:

Modeling, linear, nonlinear and logistic regression, time series analysis, experimental design and analysis, categorical data analysis, data mining including classification trees, KNN, neural networks, cluster analysis, association analysis, and structural equation modeling.   We have also done IBM Watson projects.

We are associated with a number of very experienced statisticians who can help us in areas where we need it so you can have 1-stop shopping.

Our principal has three SAS certifications, a CAP certification from Informs and is a member of several statistical professional societies.   He has also been a finalist in an international SAS competition and a recent graduate degree in Applied Statistics.

We will be happy to have a no cost introductory discussion with you to determine the scope of your needs and how we can help you.  We will not take on work that we are not sure we can do well.   We usually work on a per-hour basis but will do fixed price work if you have a detailed specification.  Note: detailed and complete specifications from customers are rare!  

If you have read this far you should contact us and let's talk!