Many certification and educational institutions require that you take periodic training to keep your certification active.  (We don't do that for the certifications that we issue).  Here is a summary of the organizations that we know about and the recertification credits that each of our courses qualify for.  The table is incomplete because we don't know all of the options.  If you can help us fill in some missing information, please let us know.  Many of the organizations that require these credits also require that training or educational institutions register with them and pay often substantial fees to be qualified to issue credits.  Since our focus is on effective but low cost training, these fees provide little value to our business.


Value-Train Course PMI Contact Hours (to sit for PMP exam) PMI PDUs CEUs CPE Credits

(see Note 3)

Professional Engineering Credits
SS GB 0 24 2.2 Note 1 Yes
SS BB 0 120 10.5 Note 1 Yes
Lean GB 0 24 2.2 Note 1 Yes
Minitab 0 24 2.2 Note 1 Yes
PMP Exam Review 35 35 3.6 Note 1 Yes
Webinars 1 Note 2 0 Unknown Note 2



  1. Yes in Georgia, No in PA.  Other states unknown.  Every state has it's own rules regarding this.  If  you do an in-house course with us and your company is a registered CPE provider, then you can get the credits via your company's affiliation when they hire us to do the training.
  2. We think it depends on the seminar topic.  Read your certification organization rules about what topics qualify.  Our weminar topics are always changing.
  3. If you are considering an in-house course from us and want your employees to get credits that we currently don't qualify for, we will in most cases be willing to do all the paperwork and application for them as long as you pay the organization's fees.  This could be less expensive than other alternatives.