Have an important process that doesn't perform the way you need it?

We can do an assessment and tell you what is needed to launch a problem solving effort. It might be simple.  A large percentage of business problems can be solved with inexpensive or free and simple tools if you simply apply some logic and are persistent.  Most of it is not rocket science.  

If we find you have a problem that does need a rocket scientist, we have a few of those around who can help.


Just starting your Process Improvement program and need an experienced hand to be available to mentor your employees?

We'll help get your employees on the right track.   Whether they are stuck getting started, formulating a clear project charter, not sure what tools to use, have a technical or analysis problem, don't understand data, aren't sure how to best communicate results, or not getting cooperation they need from others in the company, we've been there and done that.  We can help them be there and do that too.  

We are happy to work by the hour.  It's often best to start a new engagement by meeting in person but after that we can accomplish a lot very efficiently with phone calls, emails and live webinars.

Is your in-house Six Sigma or Lean team stuck?

That happens sometimes and a great way to get them going again is to add a short-term resources who can help them see things they have overlooked.

Need someone to create a dynamic simulation of a key process for you, either to help you decide on appropriate modifications or to create a whiz-bang presentation for management?

These are impressive and powerful tools but not many people can use them. If you try to do one yourself and you are new at it, it could take huge amounts of your employees' time. Let a pro do the first few for you and your people can maintain it later. That's a more efficient way to get into the simulation business. We use Process Model for most of our work.

We can do all of this and more!

We are good at what we do. We aren't 'book people', we've been there and done that. In addition we supervise Six Sigma Black Belt projects constantly as part of our training business and regularly work with corporate clients on their problems so we can probably help you with your tougher problems. Our training business keeps us as fresh as the morning dew. Well, up to date anyway...

If you are a hospital, medical center, call center, manufacturer, hotel chain, bank, telecom company or any other firm with significant operations, you can benefit from either Lean or Six Sigma process improvement techniques. We can even help sales and marketing and government and military organizations.

We are happy to travel or work remotely. We are skilled at working virtually and have done it often. We even do many of our training courses virtually so are very comfortable with virtual technology and tools.

We prefer small, part-time problem solving assignments but in some circumstances will take on larger projects and assemble and manage teams for you. We can place contractors in your facility for periods of time if we both agree that makes sense but that's not our main business. Our main business when it comes to consulting is to help you define a problem or two or three, solve them and get the heck outta there. We get bored easily so don't want to be your virtual employee forever. You have plenty of them.

If any of the above problems are keeping you awake at night, call us.