Standard Talks

We have several talks that we give via regularly scheduled free webinar sessions.   Check our course calendar for current dates and times.   Right now these include the following three topics:

Alliance Networking - a technique for improving the response rate of prospective employers during a job search

Lean Six Sigma in the Workplace - an overview of the three most commonly used process improvement methods in use by businesses today

Axiomatic Design -  an overview of a clever method designing solutions so that multiple teams are likely to arrive at the same solution and the solution will be optimal.


We will do these talks in-person for groups for free, schedule permitting, in the Atlanta area where we live. 

We can also do these talks for groups at no charge virtually, via live webinar connections if you know how to set those up on your end.  You can be anyplace in the world this way.

If you want us to do an in-person talk for your group and can't handle the above two methods, call and we can negotiate a speaking fee and expenses. 

Custom Talks

We also occasionally put together and deliver custom talks.  No charge to create these as long as they are within our domain of interest.   A few we have recently done like this are:

Likert Scale Data Analysis Why you are most likely doing it all wrong and how to do it right

Theory of Constraints  An overview of this process improvement method

Process Improvement Software Comparisons  A review of several common software packages commonly used for Six Sigma problem solving.

TRIZ  An overview of this clever problem solving technique

Easy IT Processes to Improve  A discussion of processes common in the IT world that lend themselves to easy Lean Six Sigma problem solving

Understanding Process Data  An overview of different data types you are likely to encounter in your businesses and why they have to be treated differently when problem solving.

Using 3D Virtual Worlds for Process Improvement Training  This requires that you have sophisticated graphics capability in your PCs and a very open mind but it's an awe-inspiring  look at     the future of training using 3D virtual worlds.   We built several simulators in this environment and will demonstrate it's potential using DOE.

Beer Sigma  An overview Six Sigma while we brew an actual batch of beer, pointing out how the methodology can improve beer making.  This one is not free, is complex to set up, you have to like beer and it's fun!