We offer a variety of process improvement courses in various cities that are open to the public.  We have taught hundreds of classes and have over 3,000 graduates!

Our courses are high quality but value-priced. We attract a lot of students who are professionals in transition looking for new skills for their next job.

Others are employees of companies who do not offer this kind of training and who want to enhance their career.

Still others are sent by their companies as a cost efficient way to build employee skills.

All public enrollment courses are scheduled subject to sufficient enrollment. For classes in Atlanta where we are located, we generally make our go/no-go decision about 1 week prior to the start of the course. For courses outside of Atlanta where we need to travel we make the decision 10-14 days prior to the start of the course. Sign up early to help ensure the the class you are interested in will make.

Want an instructor-led class in your city?   Help us get 10-15 people for it and we'll come and do it.   We've been all over the country doing this.