Our Various Training Delivery Methods

We provide training for companies and individuals with a variety of flexible delivery options.

  • Individuals can take most of our courses using our unique 'Personal Tutor' method.   This is best described as self-learning but with unlimited email, phone and if necessary, live Skype tutoring sessions.  Class material is studies on your own schedule so can be done in teams at work, at home, or in-between assignments, travel, etc.   This is our most popular method of training for individuals.
  • Groups of individuals, often via an affinity or networking group, can arrange for us to do local in-person training in your city.   Contact us for details.  Prices will be higher than our Personal Tutor classes because of travel and training room rental costs but if you have a strong preference for this training method, it is still reasonable and much cheaper than you flying to us (we are in Atlanta, GA).   
  • Companies contract with us to provide training at their facilities.   We charge a fixed fee based on the length of the course, plus travel expenses at cost.
  • Custom courses can be developed for your needs.   If we have the material and just need to assemble a unique package for you, we do not charge for customization.  If we need to develop or purchase training material, we charge for our time to do that.  

Training Delivery Methods:

  • in-person  (usually requires all training be done on sequential days)
  • live and synchronous via a webinar service (offers better schedule flexibility and no travel costs for us or you.  Good option if your students are in different cities or countries.
  • Personal Tutored as described above.  
  • These methods can be combined in any combination that is practical.

we have done in-house training for a large number of major corporations in all sorts of industries. Both Process Improvement and Data Analytics are industry agnostic topics so the principles apply everywhere. If you want us to customize our material simply, by modifying the meanings of sample data, incorporating your terminology, etc, we will do that at no cost.